Moving along

by Peter Loveday

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how can I even start to explain


released March 9, 2006

All songs
Peter Loveday
Recorded and mixed
Andrew Henley at the Great Way studios
Drums recorded
David Brown’s
Photography and design
Georgina Rosquelles
Andrew Henley , Andy Gemmell, Sarah Davison, Naomi Wedman, Julian Thorne, Caspar Sant Charles, Karl Finseth, David Brown, J.Mann, Georgina Rosquelles, Marina Loveday



all rights reserved


Peter Loveday Barcelona

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Track Name: Animal
I’m kind of shifty I’m not complete Contradictory Better than me you can meet
I’m hardly worthy Barely in control I run on impulse And habits of old Crude uncultured thing neither free nor wild Staring up at the stars waiting for them to speak to me I am that kind of animal I’m not pretty maybe picturesque Walking the streets like I really do know what’s best I shirk my duty I’m not a model friend Any fool could tell you that you’ll see it in the end Wanting everything that I don’t have Wanting even the moon god knows what I’d do with that I am that kind of animal
Track Name: Photograph
There in black and white like a word on a page A tree without its leaves against a sky washed out with age There you are in a photograph wearing joy of yesteryear And I'm behind the camera my shadow stretching far to near Do you still think of me do you have flashes of back then It's hard to draw the line hard to know when it ends The riches and the glamour time shuffles them around This used to be my neighbourhood now it's all run down The fruits of all this labour well fruits they all turn bad And the things that bring me so much joy can equally make me sad My eye is not a camera my heart no page to fill Yet it's there in black and white and thus defies my will There in black and white the shadows and the lights Come across by accident and stuck with it for life
Track Name: Moving along
Moving along [music and words by Peter Loveday]

A sky shot through with silver and the sea like beaten gold,
Trees parading autumn, clouds wandering from the fold
Looks unbelievable, like something from above
Under so much beauty, feels like being in love
Moving along

With each turn of the screw, each hammers’ blow
Comes that same old feeling, there’s something I should know
Pick up the guitar and strum a chord or two
Being in the right place and time with you
Moving along

As time slips through my fingers, and another day appears
Though the load does increase with the years
Room for two, why don’t you come along?
Who’s going to miss you? Tell you, you are wrong? When you’re …
Moving along

Why don’t you come along
Who’s going to miss you when you’re gone
Tell you, you are wrong
Moving along

Going quickly nowhere on a train,
Oh, it’s never been so pleasant, never been so mundane
Come along now, I’ve even got the fare, now
I want to see the rush blowing back your hair
As we’re moving along
Track Name: Run
Stay on the grass In the sun And play out there Till the day is done I carried you
Just like a doll I sat and watched Your leaves unfold Toss your head and run Stay with your friends The lucky ones They love you so And don’t need you at all No thought for life Or even love As time drives me on In this big black car Toss your head and run
Track Name: Simple song
This is a but a simple song Of simple notes held firm and long Of words that lie on my lips Deep into the night I lean and dip Of chords there are just two or three Wrapped around you and me Just how simple it can be The stars that shine the air we breathe This is but a simple song I sing it all night long So direct sublime to the point straight down the line Such a strong grip such a tender feel to it So solid so complete or do I just imagine it So there are difficult times Kicking cans crossing wires Head down heart tightly strung Waiting for this thing we call love To and fro across a bridge In search of peace and anchorage The wheels we turn our backs that ache The roads we dream the little progress we make This is but a simple song I sing it all night long So direct sublime to the point straight down the line Such a strong grip such a tender feel to it So solid so complete or do I just imagine it Your soft shoulder beckons me I toss my head and start to breathe Of the fragrance I take my fill Stop wanting that I never will As you lead me to the well I see heaven I see hell No need to search far and wide No need to run no need to hide This is but a simple song I sing it all night long So direct sublime to the point straight down the line Such a strong grip such a tender feel to it So solid so complete or do I just imagine it
Track Name: Colours
I’ll tell you a story about the short life of things I’ll start before I forget there’s plenty to be had of this yet As the clock ticks on I’ll tell you how it ends He left town one cold and windy night the moon sharp stars shining bright All just colours the colour of the dark the colour of the silence he left behind All just colours the colour of dawn bleeding into dusk forget them I must I parted the curtain oh the short life of dreams And I saw her there in the car and I know just how fickle we are Took his coat but left his hat doesn’t need much where he is at Just his easy walk and his untroubled mind his bachelor ways and his borderline All just colours from heaven to hell from lands I don’t recognise to the ones I know so well All just colours of rosebuds and pearls the colour of tears that simply disappear We keep on going my mother and I She kept the fire going all that night as if she would perish without its warming light Already forgotten you coz I got plans of my own Got mansions to build in the short life of dreams got coal to dig from depths and the seams All just colours the colour of clover the colour of the sand that waves wash over All just colours of autumn trees of the logs burning bright and the ash that it leaves
Track Name: Give me rain
I want to be where the rain sprinkles down And the trees reach up and the fog gathers round In the forest by an old chestnut tree With a friend like you and a friend like me I want to be far from this busy old town With the dogs turning up and trees coming down Where the pressure is up and dreams are worn out As tired as the dawn that draws back the night Give me rain instead of a drought I want to be far from this life I have made It no longer suits me my cards are all played I'll gather my things tie them up in a rag And go up the road past the fields where I played I'll sleep in a tree I'll sleep on the ground I'll dance to the sound of the waves coming down I'll twist and I'll turn in the eye of a storm As I lie on the sand you cover me once more Give me rain instead of a drought
Track Name: By the wayside
I set off on my way, I’m not afraid of driving You think of my leaving and I of my arriving Across the seven seas a steady course I bore Some get to the pot of gold others imply fall By the wayside I left you all my things I know it didn’t help I was at the bow and so sure of what I felt A poisoned arrow no doubt we know what they are for I stood up to bare my chest and from my heart you fall By the wayside On the pages of history books and days mapped out ahead We live this kind of danger should know just what to expect I’m running through my paces I know what shots to call There are ways of winning in this life and graceful ways to fall By the wayside Honey bun Sugar plum My only one Lovey dovey
Track Name: Be there one day
There’s a tree at the side of the road Maybe that’s where I left your name Crossed so many sees since then Now they all look the same Found your letter in the box Opening it I took my time One day I’ll be there for you I’ll be there one day You’ve got a place to sit To watch the setting sun We all get there in the end All get our chance to run There’s a boat out there working And the sea is like glass As if it could be like that forever Without a future or a past Got your letters in a tin In case I need them some time Yeah I got my buried treasure And I’ll be there for you one day
Track Name: Underworld
This city’s beating on my drum I’m in a sweat I’m on the run Searching for where I belong In this jungle there’s no right or wrong They stop me and I try to speak My language somehow incomplete I can’t remember where I’m from What house I haunt What track I’m on Highways all leading down There’s no escaping this town It’s all magnificent when I sleep Mountain high river deep The gods up there their game divine You gotta wonder where they get the time I’m creeping I’m tight and furled I make my way in the underworld In my pocket hand digs deep these memories are mine to keep Highways all leading down There’s no escaping this town Feet trapped inside these shoes Nowhere to hide No time to lose They come in all sizes and shapes They come armed with shovels and rakes They like to confuse you at every turn And you in the underworld Buildings broken Nothing that lasts Nowhere to live No place to park Highways all leading down There’s no escaping this town Highways leading on
Track Name: Days of Wine
Been up Been down Round every bend of this town Pushing up hill Taken for a ride Through the tunnel of love Out the other side Been first Been last Been the head Been the arse Been quartered Been drawn Been framed been torn Come on come on and fill my cup Come on come on it’s never enough Been soaked Been parched Rolled in mud Feathered and tarred Been the brunt Of every joke Been reissued Been revoked Been on the moon Been with Alice The world on my spoon A room in the pink palace Paid my dues Run up some debts Hit some winners Hit the net Come on come on and fill my cup Come on come on it’s never enough
Track Name: Boy found drowned
Boy found drowned in a dream Now what would that mean? Sea, salt and the sand of summer That filled the house with slumber As I stood there in the waning tide That drew me close to confide He's as limp as a thistle in your arms Was such a cheerful child Boy found drowned in a dream, now what would that mean? Sky the colour of lemon gone bad Sea neither happy nor sad Up to the my knees with the snakes and the coral I’ll stand for as long as it takes Boy found drowned in a dream Now what would that mean? As if he were simply asleep Or mine forever to keep Boy found drowned in a dream, now what would that mean?